Virgin Voyages Cruise Travel Insurance
2 min readDec 21, 2020


Virgin Voyages offers travel insurance to guests aboard their contemporary cruise line. Ironically, Virgin Voyages is an all-inclusive fare, but their travel insurance is not. In fact, it affords you hardly any protections.

Trip Cancellation is Weak

Virgin Voyages travel insurance only lets you cancel the trip for a handful of reasons. They are uncommon situations like getting sick or injured before the trip or a family member dying. If there is a hurricane, pandemic, or you have a Pre-existing Condition, you are out of luck. Typically, comprehensive trip insurance covers 10–30 cancellation reasons.

Plus, they limit the amount of cancellation insurance to $20,000 per person. Almost all other travel insurance refunds you 100% of your trip costs.

No Cancel For Any Reason Option

Given the scant nature of Virgin Voyages travel insurance, it should come as no surprise that they do not offer Cancel For Any Reason. Most American cruise lines give you an option to add CFAR, usually for future credit.

Medical Insurances Could Leave You Worse Off

Virgin Voyages Medical Insurance follows the theme of deficient protection.

Suppose you are in Nassau taking a transfer van to the Atlantis Resort for a day at the beach. Another driver hits your van and injures you significantly. Most medical insurance, including Medicare, does not cover you outside the country. You want at least $100,000 for Medical Insurance to pay the hospital for x-rays, MRIs, surgery, inpatient hospitalization, and medications.

The medical jet, costing $25,000 per hour, is waiting to take you home. You want to have at least $250,000 for Medical Evacuation. Medical expenses could dwarf the cost of your trip. They are not expensive, yet Virgin Voyages chose to rob you of adequate coverage.

In a medical emergency, Virgin Voyages contributes a pitiful $10,000 toward your hospital expenses and $25,000 for evacuation.

Virgin Voyages Travel Insurance is Expensive

The most troubling fact is that Virgin Voyages travel insurance is costly. You could buy a Cancel For Any Reason policy that pays a 75% cash refund for nearly the same price. It would also give you at least $100,000 Medical Insurance and $250,000 Medical Evacuation.

Don’t forget about Pre-existing Conditions. If you have one, you’re out of luck if it acts up before or during your Virgin cruise.

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